MADE PRESET PACK for DESKTOP & MOBILE: 18 Presets + Free E-Book

MADE PRESET PACK for DESKTOP & MOBILE: 18 Presets + Free E-Book


Bright, pastel-y, tan-making, moody-baking, soft foresaking (words are fun) Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop. MADE to work epically with cell pics and jpgs, give selfies a hot lewk, and function for different settings and time of day.

Best for every-day photo-takers, people who love selfies, snapping quick pics on their cell phones, and of course travel bloggers.

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These presets are for Lightroom Classic or CC, the desktop application. Your Lightroom desktop presets will be synced with Lightroom mobile.

The Made Pack presets are designed to make your photos look bright, soft, and work especially well with cell phone and JPEG images. Each preset is uniquely designed for different lighting situations, aesthetics, and scenes. You should be able to find a preset for every picture you take!

What’s Included:

  • 18 Lightroom Presets

  • Preset & Photography Tutorial

WOAH, WTF, That’s alot. YEP. We don’t mess around. We like options. We also don’t like scamming you. So go ahead. Rob us blind. Take them all! We made these to use for our travel photos, and we don’t have so much ownership over our style that we feel we can’t share it. Selling these helps us to keep our travels going, and hopefully can boost your existing travels. So you scratch our back, we scratch yours. Simple as that.

The Havekosts Presets are designed for Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, and Lightroom Mobile. With your purchase, you will get a HUGE E-Book (Rachel is Type-A and loves lists, so this is no joke SUCH a big E-Book) that will explain how to install and use your presets on Lightroom Classic, CC, and Mobile.

*Please note that these presets ONLY work if you have Lightroom.

Return/Refund policy: If you aren’t satisfied/fully happy/beaming with joy using these presets, we’ll give you a full refund within 7 days of purchase. You’ll need to e-mail us and ask for a refund and we would appreciate you telling us WHY you aren’t happy, because that makes us better (and cry a little. JK. We can handle constructive feedback/online trolls.)