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Preset Packs designed for Lightroom Desktop & Mobile App.

MADE PRESET PACK for DESKTOP & MOBILE: 18 Presets + Free E-Book

Bright, pastel-y, tan-making, moody-baking, soft foresaking (words are fun) Lightroom Presets for Mobile & Desktop. MADE to work epically with cell pics and jpgs, give selfies a hot lewk, and function for different settings and time of day.

Best for every-day photo-takers, people who love selfies, snapping quick pics on their cell phones, and of course travel bloggers.

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The Grateful Pack is perfect for people looking for variety in their presets without compromising a cohesive feed. All 18 Grateful Presets are designed to flow well together, and the coloring and tones are all similar. What will vary is the intensity, brightness, contrast, or saturation.

These presets work best for those who take photos on DSLR cameras in RAW format, people looking for presets that work on portraits, lifestyle, and travel photos with people in them.

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ALL PRESETS: Grateful Pack + Made Pack, 36 Lightroom Presets and Free E-Book

BUNDLE and SAVE! This includes all 36 Presets from both the GRATEFUL PACK and MADE PACK. Includes 36 Lightroom Presets for Mobile and Desktop App, PLUS FREE E-Book with Photography Tips, Social Media Tools, and How to Install and Use Your Presets in Lightroom.

Photography, Lightroom, and Social Media E-Book

How do I take good photos? Read this e-book.

How do I edit in Lightroom? Read this e-book.

How do I get more followers? Read this e-book.

How do I—you get it.

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scroll down to see some before + afters using The Havekosts Presets

Before + After using “Grateful Bold 01” from THE GRATEFUL PACK

Before + After using “Grateful Mood 03” from THE GRATEFUL PACK

Before + After using “Made Bright” from THE MADE PACK

Before + After using “Made Jungle” from THE MADE PACK

Problems or Questions?

If you have any questions about installing, using, or understanding your presets don’t hesitate to reach out!