Motorcycling isn't for jokers, kids.

Motorcycling isn't for jokers, kids.

The Havekosts are comprised of Josh & Rachel Havekost (that's us!). We have been married since August 19, 2017 and currently have no divorce plans. We are both vegan-eaters, adventure-lovers, travel-buggers, and love to eat large amounts of bananas and drink wine at sunset.

On November 12, 2018, we will embark (or, if you’re reading this after said date, we have embarked) on a motorcycle adventure. We will begin in San Fransisco, CA, and ride south with a loose idea that we will move (safely and wisely, moms and dads) through Mexico, Central America, and South America.

We have no plan or specified route to speak of. Our only “plan,” or rather intention, is to stay present, open minded, and willing to take opportunities as they present themselves to us.

Josh has been riding motorcycles since high school, and Rachel has only just begun getting experience sitting on the back. 

This blog is designed to both capture the stories of our adventures and share our photography. 

To read more about how we got here and why we decided to take this leap, check out some of our early blog posts where we dive into the preparation and anticipation for this trip.

-Rachel + Josh (insert banana emoji here)